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Welcome to Sensation Game TM 
 Sensation Game is a gentle, fun therapeutic game to help clients and families feel more connected ~ to their own nervous system, to each other, and to the world around them.  It is a sensational game for building self-regulation skills in children and teens who have experienced a significant trauma and may sometimes feel shut down, "disconnected" or numb.  The gentle activities engage our sensory selves using natural objects.  Developed by Kris Downing, LCSW, Advanced Level SE Participant.  

Sensation Game (fabric & objects vary, add sand bowl)

Sensation Game (objects vary)

Tree of Life Artist Kelly Watts ksun_1999@yahoo.c
Sample Activity Card


Sample Activity ~

Notice where your courage lives inside of you.

Place your hands there, tell about it.

How big is it?  Does it have a shape? A color?

100 Sensation Game activities allow clients to practice self regulation skills in grounding and settling, orienting, resourcing , and tracking sensations, plus protecting boundaries and healthy social engagement. 
"Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the Sensation Game!  I am totally amazed by the conversations the game has initiated.  I can see how it helps my students develop an awareness of their body, and learn tools to self regulate.  I am so grateful for this resource!"  Sara Lowry, LMSW, School Social Worker  
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Pay Pal (below) for Sensation Game $59.99  plus $10.00 shipping costs to US only.   Sensations Poster sold seperately.  for orders outside of US/Canada please add Extra Shipping Charge ($10.00 see the 2nd PayPal button below)

PayPal (below) for Extra Shipping Charge for Sensation Game outside US / Canada $10.00

Pay Pal (below) for Sensation Game Activity Card Set  $24.99- NEW Expanded Deck of 100 cards + e-Manual (only) plus $6.00 shipping to US/Canada. For orders outside US/Canada, please add Extra Shipping Charge ($6.00 see PayPal button below poster)  


Sensation Game TM is based on my training in Somatic Experiencing  and inspired by
Trauma Through A Child's Eyes by Peter Levine & Maggie Kline
Trauma Proofing Your Kids by Peter Levine & Maggie Kline
Thank you to Salima Alikhan, children's book illustrator, for website artwork: 
and artists Kelly Watts, Collin Welsch & Nicole De-Clerck that contributed their beautiful Trees of Life for the Game Cards


by artist Salima Alikhan



"As a faculty member of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and an SEP who works with kids, I strongly endorse the Sensation Game as a valuable tool to help kids and families get in touch with their sensations and to play games that encourage face to face interaction."  Maggie Kline, MFT, SEP, co-author of Trauma Through A Child's Eyes, and Trauma Proofing Your Kids 
"This game is a wonderful tool to encourage children and adults to develop a relationship with their body.  It incorporates building the language one can use to attune to the body.  It fosters embodiment and empowerment, the gateway to resilience and healing."  Ana do Valle, OTR, SEP
Sensation Game includes a 100% cotton Sensation Game Bag / Travel Case, a variety of textured natural objects including lovely rocks, shells, feathers, wood, fur, plus modeling clay, a "squishy" frog or lizard, and 100 therapeutic activity cards. Plus a new e-Manual for the game.  The fabric and objects vary.  Just add a shallow bowl of sand (not included.)
Sensation Game (complete):  $59.99    
Sensation Game Therapeutic Activity Card Set (100 cards & e-Manual only)$24.99
plus shipping 6.00 US/Canada. Collect your own objects & build a game.  

 NEW!  Sensations Poster:  $21.99 (includes 24" x 16" poster and e-Manual) plus shipping $6.00.  Sold seperately, not included with the Sensation Game.  

PayPal (below) for poster. For orders outside US/Canada, add Extra Shipping Charge ($6.00 see PayPal button below poster)

NEW! Sensations Poster 24"x16""
Artist Salima Alikhan

PayPal (below) for Extra Shipping Charge for Card & Poster orders outside of US/Canada, $6.00  Covers additional international shipping / handling costs for Sensations Poster or Sensation Game Activity Card Set.

by Kelly Watts

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